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Clear One is a comprehensive 12 day detox program based on over a decade’s worth of experience, treating thousands of women in my downtown Toronto clinic. It is specially designed to support both the liver and digestive system in a gentle, safe and effective way.

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Sale extended! Dr. Darou's 10 Keys to Optimal Women's Health is on sale 50% off. This is a must have eBook for women who want to understand their body and take control of their health care.

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NEW: lab tests available to order online for: food intolerance, adrenal gland function, and female hormone balance. Professional line supplements are also available for purchase from this site.

Latest Articles by Dr. Darou and Dr. Booth

  • A Toxic Nation

    A Toxic Nation

    by Dr. Hilary Booth We are constantly bombarded with toxins in our environment. They are in the things we eat and drink, the air we breathe, the products we put on our bodies, and the items in our homes. Let’s face it – toxins are ubiquitous. However, as with anything, knowledge is power. This article […]
  • How Tracking Your Cycle can be an Act of Self-Care

    How Tracking Your Cycle can be an Act of Self-Care

    by Dr. Shawna Darou Women’s bodies are meant to fluctuate as our hormones shift through the month, and what this means is that our moods, physical health, productivity, creativity, appetite, libido, immune systems can all vary week by week. One of the best acts of self-care you can do, is to track your menstrual cycle […]
  • Making New Year Resolutions That Stick

    Making New Year Resolutions That Stick

    By Dr. Hilary Booth We’ve all been there – we start off the New Year with the best of intentions. We make a list of resolutions and swear up and down that this year will be different; we’re going to stick to our resolutions with gusto! Unfortunately, when the holiday spirit wears off most of […]
  • The Perfect Period

    The Perfect Period

    By Dr. Hilary Booth For many women, the perfect period seems like an elusive idea. I know it might sound crazy but your period should come and go with no pain, no PMS, no fatigue… no symptoms at all. If your hormones are in balance, and your body has adequate amounts of nutrients, and adequate […]
  • How to Enjoy the Holidays Without Sacrificing your Health

    How to Enjoy the Holidays Without Sacrificing your Health

    By Dr. Shawna Darou My belief is that a healthy lifestyle can withstand moderate amounts of almost anything, as long as the majority of your meals and snacks are chosen well. You will also find that as you continue to live a healthy lifestyle, your idea of what a treat is, and what comfort foods […]

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